Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Craft Camp - Monster Knit Wits!

To start craft camp off this week, the kids spooned dry beans into the gloves for their monsters. I got the idea for this craft here:

I put the gloves into a pint jar so that it would be easier for the kids to get the beans in the glove.

This was a really great idea. We had very little spilling and it was super easy for the kids to fill their gloves.

Even Gracie did it without spilling very many beans.

See how easy...he doesn't even have to be looking at the glove and the beans get into the glove!

After filling the gloves with beans, we finished them off by placing a styrofoam ball in for the head and gluing some yarn in for hair. We also glued 2 small google eyes and a small pompom for the nose.

Photo: This is what we will be making for craft camp on July 12, "knit monsters"...super fun, huh? If you want to register your child(ren), leave me a message here.

We read "Jeepers Creepers" by Laura Leuck. This book is so cute. It has illustrations of the cutest monsters and it is an ABC book.

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We played a monster matching game by throwing a bean bag onto two matching monsters.

Then each kid told us the name of the letters on their cards.
I got the cards from here: Super cute!

Then we worked with a partner to spell the word: MONSTER.

I put the letters for the word plus three additional letters in each bag and had the kids copy the monster spelling page to spell the word.

For snack, we made our own monsters out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

Each kid got 1 big marshmallow and 10 little ones. Some had 3 legs and 2 arms and 5 eyes.

Some had 2 arms, 2 legs, and 4 eyes. After we made our monster snack, we ate the marshmallows.

We needed to get some wiggles out so we danced around a little while we listened to "Monster Mash" on YouTube.

Then we made our scariest monster face.

It was almost time to go so we read a story to our monsters. "Another Monster at the end of this book" by Jon Stone.

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These turned out so cute!

Some other sites with monster themes:

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  1. I love your glove monsters. You must have sewed/glued one of the fingers away before you gave them to the kids? You are brave to give your kids 10 marshmallows to eat. I think that I would let them eat one big marshmallow and say that they need to take their marshmallow monsters home to show their grown ups. We also love Monster at the End of this Book books. I stop reading it when I lose my voice from Grover talk.
    I am your third follower. Welcome to blogland.

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